Smoking Sucks

Product: Ohio-Tuec vacuum cleaner
Date: 1920

Don’t you just hate it when your man leaves his cigarette butts on the good carpet?

1920 Ohio-Tuec vacuum cleaner ad

1920 Ohio-Tuec vacuum cleaner ad

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Salad? You Say, Made with O’Henry?

Product: Oh Henry! & Oh Henry! Recipe Book
Date: 1926

1916 Oh Henry candy bar ad

“Why, that’s candy!”

Yes. Yes indeed. But that’s no reason you can’t put it in a salad with fruit. And mayonnaise. And lettuce. Oh yes.

Miss Daisy P. Rudd of Bennington, Vermont, says that it makes one of the most charming salads she has ever served. Oh yes.

But wait! There are actually thousands of recipes you can make with Oh Henry. Luckily for homemakers everywhere, the Oh Henry people whittled it down to the 60 best ones and put them in a recipe book: Sixty Ways to Serve Famous Candy.

So there you have it. Fruit salad thingamabob with Oh Henry. There’s probably going to be a run on the stores. You better “phone your grocer, drug or candy store for 6 or 8 bars of Oh Henry … now!”

1926 Oh Henry ad

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65 — It Could Happen to You

Product: Financial planning
Date: 1927

Most of us expect — barring unfortunate and unforeseen circumstance — to live to a ripe old age. To at least 80, maybe 90. Heck, some financial planners caution us to plan on living 100 years or more.

We know that our retirement years will probably start around 65. And we all know the drill about saving now to sustain ourselves financially during those years.

But saving for retirement hasn’t always been a given.

This ad from 1927 plainly shows that many people didn’t plan for retirement because they didn’t think they’d be alive past 65.

What if YOU live to age 65?

Yet things were beginning to change, and the financial services companies were urging people to consider the statistics:

Sixty-three per cent of the 40-year-old men of today will be living at age 65.

To provide for yourself if you live to old age is as necessary as to provide an estate for your family. (emphasis from the ad)

If you lived to old age. A 63% survival rate as surprising. Old age at 65.

What a tremendous shift in cultural thinking from then to now. Improved nutrition, access to medicine, and a myriad of other blessings, big and small, have extended our life expectancies by more than a third in less than 100 years. Mind-boggling.

1927 retirement planning ad

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Ice — It’s the Coolest

Product: Ice
Date: 1928

In our ultra-modern hyper-technological age, it’s hard to imagine a time when refrigeration was a novelty. And yet it wasn’t all that long ago, as this December 1928 ad for ice blocks attests.

Only 80 years ago, ice had copywriters gushing:

  • Ice was “the life of the party”.
  • Ice clinked merrily in time to music.
  • Ice sparkled brightly.
  • Ice added flavour and appeal to food and drink.
  • Ice made out-of-season foods available all year round!
  • Ice was good health insurance, keeping food pure and untainted.
  • Ice was efficient and inexpensive.

You could even send away for a free booklet called Ice – the Life of the Party. Inside you would learn “modern ways of enjoying ice, including proper uses of ice in table settings.”


1928 ad for ice blocks

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