Ice — It’s the Coolest

Product: Ice
Date: 1928

In our ultra-modern hyper-technological age, it’s hard to imagine a time when refrigeration was a novelty. And yet it wasn’t all that long ago, as this December 1928 ad for ice blocks attests.

Only 80 years ago, ice had copywriters gushing:

  • Ice was “the life of the party”.
  • Ice clinked merrily in time to music.
  • Ice sparkled brightly.
  • Ice added flavour and appeal to food and drink.
  • Ice made out-of-season foods available all year round!
  • Ice was good health insurance, keeping food pure and untainted.
  • Ice was efficient and inexpensive.

You could even send away for a free booklet called Ice – the Life of the Party. Inside you would learn “modern ways of enjoying ice, including proper uses of ice in table settings.”


1928 ad for ice blocks

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